Tré La Voúx luxury women’s wear brand was born out of my personal desire to share with the world my perspective on creating beautiful garments reflecting the lifestyle of the Modern, Charismatic, and Confident Woman. Our brand focuses on exquisitely detailed craftsmanship which is applied into each and every garment, proudly designed and produced in New York City.
From my Southern Louisiana Creolé heritage , I have always been influenced by the unique debutante world growing up in Shreveport, Louisiana. The Ostrich pulled Barouche Landau on our signature labels are inspired by the annual Ostrich Races held in New Orleans, exclusively attended by the elite and is a tradition deeply rooted in Southern culture. 
With two distinct products under one brand, “Tré La Voúx," our Ready-to-Wear garments. “Tré La Voúx Atelier" represents made to order custom garments. Expressing my unique cultural heritage through exquisitely designed clothing for the Modern, Charismatic, & Confident Woman, Tré La Voúx is not only Luxury Fashion
it’s a Lifestyle Brand.